Sunday, October 4, 2009

Winner Take All

I had an utterly perfect day today, due in part to the success of my favorite teams. And through the miracles of technology, I was fully apprised of all the games while I was out doing other things--mostly considering the architecture of the dead. Loyal Denver Bronco and NY Yankee fan (and non-Raven follower), Flyboy, texted me with the latest New England scores and the Chelsea FC scores. And the XM radio on my car supplied me with the Twins radio broadcast so I heard all the big home runs (and the tense 6th inning) for myself. With both the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox winning--and the Twins continuing their dramatic late season play, it was a full day. All tied up with the Detroit Tigers, the two teams will now play a one game play off to see who wins the division. While the circumstances are different, this one game winner-take-all playoff feels an awful lot like deja vu all over again!

I left my little sacrifice to the baseball gods at Lou Gehrig's gave today, so I'm hoping it brings the Twins a little luck. Yes he was a Yankee, but he also made several trips to Rochester, MN to visit the Mayo Clinic when they were all trying to figure out what his ailment was. I have two wonderful photos of Gehrig on my wall, one of him in front of a microphone at the old local radio station, KROC; and another where he's sitting comfortably in an old over-stuffed leather chair. In both he has a huge grin on his face and is as handsome as Gary Cooper was when he portrayed The Iron Horse. Tributes must be paid.

I made a very interesting discovery at The Kensico Cemetery, in Valhalla, NY, today. In addition to seeing the final resting spots of Lou Gehrig and Tommy Dorsey (among many other NY notables), I found something decidedly more interesting...more to come on that tomorrow as I finish up the research. See who all is interred at Kensico (

With that...I'll leave you with a little view of the trinkets (inlcuding the 1936 penny I left as a token of respect) that adorn the top of Gehrig's monument.

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