Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Cracker-Jack Day!

Just as rumors of Mark Twains demise were exaggerated, so was my funeral bell tolling for the Metrodome. The Twins winning in true Minnesota Twins fashion (scrappy, small, National League style baseball) in 12 innings was the cherry on my hot fudge sundae of a day.

I spent most of the night reading a wonderful novel that a brilliant writer friend wrote--I told him he kept me up nearly all night. And he did. He's a lovely writer and has lived an extraordinary life that makes his work rich and full of detail.

Since the forecast called for a sunny day, I forcibly removed myself from my nice cool sheets this morning and dragged my lazy (I'm blaming it on the late night reading) arse to the beach. SO WORTH IT. I stand by my previous statement...no time spent by the sea is wasted time. It was unbelievably beautiful and I basically had the beach to myself--save a family whose male parental unit must have bathed in some sort of hideous cologne that you could literally smell up and down the shoreline.

Once the offending odor dissipated it was smooth sailing. Maybe because I'm a pisces I find water very comforting and calming. A heavenly day.

Upon my arrival at home I was greeted with a parcel from Mom and Dad. A new fall quilt of tumbling leaves from my quilting obsessed mother--thanks Mom! And fun photocopies of the Cat That Clumped book that I wrote about a while ago. It's kind of scary how clearly I remembered every detail of the book.

And if that wasn't enough a small job offer, not editing, but art research which I'm happy to do as well. A job is a job no matter how small. (Horton will forgive the trespass, I hope.) It's a one off, but I'm in no position to complain.

But there was still one more little happiness from the Universe...the Twins winning in 12 innings against the Tigers. I'm not sure I expect them to do all that well against the ginormous payroll and talent of the Yankess, but I'm glad they've made it to the playoffs, especially after losing the one game playoff to the White Sox last year. Now if the Red Sox can get off to a good start, all will be well.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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