Saturday, February 28, 2009

All These Things That I Have Done

U2 is forever my favorite band--of all time, any time. The NYT this weekend is running a really good profile of the band in preparation for their new album (released on 3 March), No Line on the Horizon. I've not heard the
entire album, even though I read it has been leaked, but it's an event any time a new U2 album or song comes out. The NYT piece mentions a benefit for War Child International that was headlined by two of my other favorite bands, The Killers and Coldplay. Bono joined Chris Martin from Coldplay, Brandon Flowers from The Killers and Gary Barlow from Take That to sing one of my favorite Killers songs, All These Things That I Have Done, which I have attached for your listening pleasure. (The you-tube video is clearly cell-phone video, but it's so cool to see a sort of musical holy trinity on stage singing a song that I love, so I'm willing to over look that fact.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright...

While I am undoubtedly enamored of the anything even remotely horsey, I am not, and pardon the pun here, a one trick pony. There has nearly always been a cat in my life and I've always been fascinated by the powerful beauty of lions and jaguars and tigers (oh my!). The plight of these amazing big cats is tragic, but in parts of the world where people lead incredibly difficult lives, it is hard to advocate for animals. That said, some of the preserves in Asia are finding ways to foster situations where the local populations find ways to earn a living through big cat based tourism and the like. It's all about balance, I suppose, like everything else in the world. Take a look at this wonderful piece on the Royal Bengal tigers of the Sundarbans Tiger Preserve from The New Yorker. It is part of a short film documentary being made and it's quite beautifully done.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Paper Tyger is LIVE!

Hello, Gorgeous!

I never intended for the "construction" phase to last five months. And let's be honest, I've just been doing other things.

I'm a freelance writer and editor decided I'd like to have a little tiny web here it is, The Paper Tyger. My nickname since childhood has been Tyger and since I'm a writer, Paper Tyger seemed to work. I am, like the other paper tiger, much less threatening than my large feline counterpart.

There's no set structure for what I'll write about, but my observations and passions will be the guiding force behind what makes it to the page. I'm passionate about the written word and one of the things I enjoy most is writing short profiles or character sketches. Who knows, maybe someday they'll be in a novel, but for now, they are merely exercises in observation.

My other great passion is horses. Anything equestrian from literature to racing and dressage to eventing. Both Reagan and Churchill are credited with the phrase, but at the end of the day, whomever said it was right (and I'll paraphrase a little here)--there is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the backside of the horse. So yes, there will be both horses and hounds.

Here's to an interesting journey! Go do something wonderful for yourself today.