Sunday, October 11, 2009


Bracing for what will no doubt be a full-fledged gloat-fest staged by the New York media, I want to present a slightly different take. The anti-gloat-fest, as it were.

I'll say from the outset that I didn't really think the Twins would prevail over the mighty Yankees who have a payroll roughly triple that of the Twins. I don't say this to be defeatist, just my take on the situation--I'm a generally polite Midwesterner with modest expectations. The Yankees have been very tough to beat this year and the Twins play a different kind of baseball...small ball--scrappy with an emphasis on fundamentals. And when you play that kind of baseball, you have to execute well and make plays that allow you to capitalize on your opponent's small missteps. The Twins have had so many opportunities to do just that and they haven't been able to close the deal. Against teams like the Detroit Tigers, that can work for a few games, but not against the mighty pitches and bats of the New York Yankees. The numbers just didn't add up in favor of the Twins this October.

But you know what? It's okay. I love my Twins and I love the kind of baseball they play. The represent Minnesota and Minnesotans very admirably. They go about their business and don't expect too much praise or fuss about things. It's a strong Midwestern work ethic that I heartily approve of. My hat is tipped, proverbially, to you all. (Call me, Joe Mauer, if you ever need a guided tour of Connecticut or horse racing/handicapping tips...*grin*)

So thank you, Minnesota Twins and Ron Gardenhire, for bringing us all along for the ride this season...we've had a REALLY good time. You've played with great heart and emotion and you've never let us down, not really. Don't let all the big meanies out here in New York tell you any differently. Pitchers and catchers report for duty in 120 or so days, and there's a beautiful new outdoor ballpark that I can't wait to sit in some sunny afternoon next summer. If that's not a sure sign of hope springing eternal, I don't know what is.

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