Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saving the Kentucky Horse Industry

There's a rally today in Kentucky at the Keeneland Sales Pavilion to show support for keeping a strong and vital horse industry alive in the state. I'm there in spirit, which is the best I can do today, but I'm hoping they have a great turn out. Imagining Kentucky without horses and racing is like imagining Paris without baguettes and brie--it's just not right. So many people (and horses!!) are dependent on the jobs and ancillary dollars that are critical to the horse industry.

This shouldn't be a partisan issue, though from the reporting I've read it seems to be something that the Republican controlled KY Senate is thoroughly against.

I 'm not a huge fan of slots, but I can see how they could be very beneficial for racetracks all over the country, including at places like Suffolk Downs, in Boston, and surely in KY. It just seems such a common sense solution.

Ohio seems to be having slightly better fortunes when it comes to getting their slots bill enacted--it would allow the machines at both racing and harness racing tracks throughout the state. Maybe the effort was more well-planned in Ohio or the people there are just generally more interested. In any event, this is a crucial time for horse racing and all the people who not only love it, but the people who work so hard in it every day.

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