Friday, June 26, 2009

Boston's Mounted Unit Disbands

I'd heard rumblings of this happening a few months ago, but here is another equine victim of the economy. The mounted unit of the BPD has disbanded.

Here's a sad video of the horses and their last ride. The horses are apparently headed to various places, including to the NYPD. One older woman, who laments this loss, remarks that the horses don't want to go to NY. A fantastically Bostonian remark. I loved seeing this unit as I'd walk through the Public Garden or the Common and they will be sorely missed. One of the members of the crowd notes that for some kids, these are the only "live/in person" horses they get to see, and that's even sadder.

There's a nice article on WBZ that includes links to a petition if anyone out there is inclined to sign on as well as an organization called that is actively fundraising for the BP Mounted Unit.

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