Monday, July 5, 2010

Keep Cool and Carry On

Refreshing fountain pool, Copley Square, Boston

I know, the real poster says Keep Calm and Carry On, but cool is more the issue today than calm. It is going to get hotter before it gets any cooler, or so the weather forecasters tell us. And the water in Long Island Sound is the temperature it usually is late August--ALREADY!!!--so the relief will be less than we'd hope for in early July. As we in the Northeast slog through another day of sweltering heat, I thought I'd post a few photographs intended to instill a sense of coolness in addition to a reminder that, in some cases, we'll be remembering these hot days with a certain measured fondness when we are mired knee deep in snow and slush. Stay cool, y'all!

Snowy park bench, Central Park, NYC

Stables, Mayowood, Rochester, MN

Central Park, NYC

Snowy peek-a-boo squirrel, Central Park, NYC

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