Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter in Manhattan: An Homage

They've written songs about Autumn in New York and April in Paris...and I've experienced both more than a few times. But for my money, there's not enough musical homage to winter in Manhattan. 

When I used to live in Manhattan one of my favorite things to do during a big snow was to go out and take pictures.  When snow blankets the island it becomes a quiet and timeless place, for a short while, at least. The views from the bridges and looking out over the parks become snowy picture-postcard vistas that even Ansel Adams would have admired. 

During the big President's Day storm a few years ago I remember hopping on the Lexington Avenue Line and taking the 6 train all the way downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge. I just knew the views would be unforgettable. And I wasn't disappointed. I emerged from the Subway station and started to make my way over to where the pedestrian walkway begins and I realized I could walk more easily--and just as safely--on the actual bridge. There were no cars and the bridge looked like something from the 19th Century rather than the 21st. The photo above is from a different storm, but I love the foggy darkness that pervades the image. 

The area surrounding South Street Seaport is always fun to wander, but in the snow, since the buildings are so wonderfully evocative, it's even better. This was taken of course before all the fish mongers moved up to the Bronx, but surely looks like it could almost be from a much simpler time. 

In my ealier days in New York City, I lived on the UWS and when it snowed my travels inevitably took me to Central Park. There are few places that are lovelier when cloaked in snow than the history-filled landscape of Cavert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead. What I found myself most amused by were the snowmen. Even with the minutest amount of snow resourceful tourists and clever New Yorkers could manage to fashion a snow creation of some sort. I've a whole collection of these photos, a couple of my favorites are farther down the page. 

Snow seems to give us the opportunity to slow down a little or to even be childlike again. I have been just as giddy as a school child these past couple of days anticipating this big snow. And yes, I'll even admit to having had snow envy when the Mid-Atlantic states stole what surely should have been some good old New England blizzard thunder. It's all good though, we'll get our share today. 

I'm thankful I don't have anywhere I need to be today and so long as Connecticut Light and Power keeps the electricity flowing, I'll be one very happy camper. 

Be careful out there if you HAVE to travel...otherwise, why not fix yourself a mug of cocoa (laced with Kahlua if you're of age) or prepare a nice hot toddy of some sort and curl up with your favorite novel or movie and enjoy the snow show that Mother Nature is putting on for us!

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Sid Fernando said...

I live in Park Slope, but I know what you mean! Thanks for sharing those great photos.