Monday, August 3, 2009

The Air of Heaven is That Which Blows Between a Horse's Ears

I feel like this is becoming the Rachel Alexandra page...but when someone or something begins to capture the imagination of the public, it's hard not to share some of the good news. We all need good news, I'm sure, so here's a couple feel-good stories from today's papers:

A story about a visit to Rachel by Tim Wilkin from the Albany Times Union is HERE.

And from Steve Haskin's always interesting column on

Discussing his ride on Rachel Alexandra, Borel stated, “She was going at a good clip and had her ears pricked. When she does that she’s so relaxed, she’s automatic. I was just watching her ears.”

That comment, combined with the almost-ethereal atmosphere following Rachel’s other-worldly romp, made me think of the Arab proverb: “The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.”

No one knows from what heavenly source blows the air between Rachel Alexandra’s ears, but there is no doubt it produces an intoxicating effect. And you don’t have to be on her back to feel it.

On Sunday, it brought a feeling of euphoria to Monmouth Park, as the crowd of over 36,000 on a rainy, humid afternoon let out a resounding cheer at every sighting of Rachel Alexandra — walking to the paddock, walking in the paddock, walking in the post parade, and walking into the gate — and every mention of her name by track announcer Larry Collmus, who got caught up in the excitement by bellowing as Rachel strode to the wire, “Here’s a filly for the ages…a Haskell legend.”

Just outside the winner’s circle were signs that read, “Girl Power” and “Robust Rachel Alexandra.” Next to them was a girl wearing a tiara, adorned with the words “Celebrity Queen.” Two young girls held up more elaborate signs that read, “Rachel Alexandra the Great, Conqueror of the Boys,” and “Yeah, I Run Like a Girl. Try to Keep.” Merchandising T-shirts, reading “Runs Like a Girl,” were sold out by 12:30.

Read the entire piece HERE. Especially poignant are the comments of Calvin Borel's fiance, Lisa.

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